Sanitation process of San Roque lake E-mail

Cuidado de Saneamiento
Electroingeniería developed, along with Roggio, the project consisting in the sanitation of San Roque lake, located in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, province of Córdoba.

The project consisted in the construction of sewers collectors, primary, secondary, tertiary plant treatment. chlorination treatment and of 5 pumping stations to safeguard the height from the settlements to the construction area.

This work had been requested by most of the population in Córdoba, since the San Roque lake, apart from being the main touristic attraction of the area and neighboring towns is the main water reserve serving the city.

Its technical and engineering characteristics, according to specialists rend it unique, apart from being the most modern one in the country, supplying the city of Carlos Paz and neighboring areas.

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