Tendido ElectricoThis project is being built by INTESAR. It is the last one of the Plan Federal (Federal Plan) of 500 kV for 2011-2012. INTESAR was awarded for the north phase of the project, involving the construction of 564 km. of extra high voltage line of 500 kV between Pico Truncado and Esperanza.

The execution of this project poses a special challenge given its location in the south of Patagonia. For this reason the project is performed with an adequate planning and logistics to allow its construction in a short time basis under such extreme weather conditions.

The remaining stages (II, III and IV): 148 km of 220 kV between Esperanza and Río Turbio; 159 km between Esperanza and El Calafate, and 129 km between Esperanza and Río Gallegos have been commissioned to other national construction companies.