Obras de Arquitectura
Vialco S.A., member company of Grupo ELING, is in charge of building a bridge over Río Tercero in the city of Villa María, province of Córdoba, which will connect this city with Villa Nueva.

It is a bridge with a length of 120 meters and a width of 13 meters with two lanes. The board will be suspended through a cable network properly halted as per the corresponding load analysis; it has metallic arches, with a parabolic geometry, rectangular shape and connected among with steel bracing forming a load arcade with two main braces in its bearings.

This project was requested by Dirección Nacional de Vialidad (National Road´s Authority).

We aim at strengthening the communication channels among the different regions as a contribution to the productive growth and development of the province and the country.

PuenteEnArco PuenteEnArco2