Obras de ArquitecturaIn a lot of 46 hectares and facing Córdoba international airport, we are building Parque Empresarial Aeropuerto (Airport Business Park), a community featuring office buildings, hotels and retail stores aimed at offering the highest quality of working life, combining in one spot all the businesses, technologies and services in a natural setting.

The Business Park is a modern urbanization where design, technology and landscaping are combined to configure important green areas, ample spaces featuring astonishing views with optimal business, cultural and sportive services with top quality telecommunications technology and 24 hours integral security service.

It has a strategic location: facing Córdoba international airport Ing. Ambrosio Taravella, second one in order of importance in the country, it is connected to the national roads linking accesses to neighboring countries at the core of the geographical centre of the circle Santiago-Asunción-San Pablo-Porto Alegre-Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Rosario, the largest productive centre of goods and services in South America.

The Airport Business Park is a trade mark of Parque Empresarial Aeropuerto SA., company supported by its controlling member, Electroingeniería S.A., alongside with Astori Estructuras and Gramática / Moroni / Pisani / Urtubey Arquitectos (architectural firm).

Its construction is under the responsibility of Electroingeniería. Apart from the 6,000 m2 built area already executed the company is developing 24,000 m2 more of office space for CIIECCA -Cámara de industrias informáticas, electrónicas y de telecomunicaciones del Centro de Argentina (Chamber of IT, Electronic and Communications Companies of the Center of Argentina) – and the Córdoba Cluster Technology –Software industries- and 7500 m2 for services such as Bank, drugstore, restaurant, gym and others.

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