SanidadEling Energía S.A. along with partnering companies is responsible for the execution of "Cloaca Máxima Sur" (Main southern sewer) whose objective is to complete sewage services premises through networks in Córdoba city.

The project consists in the burying of a pipe with a diameter of 1,800 mm that will transport sewage liquids from San Vicente nearby the areas of Bajo Grande treatment plant located nearby Chacra de la Merced road with a total extension of 6 kilometers.

The execution of this infrastructure will enable a capacity increase for the transportation of the liquids from the southern area of the city to their final destination area for their treatment. This way it will be possible to connect the sewage system with the network additions to residential network in a subsequent stage. Official planning foresees the extension of the network to a 90% of the population in the future and this tube will have enough capacity to transport the effluents the population generates for such projection.

The integral sewage plan for the city of Córdoba is a vital undertaking since it responds to current insufficient basic sewage networks given population growth in these past years.