About us...


The history of GRUPO ELING is, to a large extent, the history of Eling Energía S.A., its original company, founded by a group of young entrepreneurs from Córdoba in 1977. With a visionary approach they knew how to define a clear strategic vision based on service quality, engagement and ability to recruit human resources, spirit for continuous growth, passion for the challenge to compete with larger businesses, continuous reinvestment actions in the same activity and the role of business people in favor of society.

From its origins the company managed to successfully compete in the markets of material and electrical devices distribution, the manufacturing of electric boards and switchgears and the development of electromechanical projects (rural electrification, medium-high voltage lines, transformation and distribution in urban areas and industrial facilities).

Throughout the years the company has endorsed constant innovation and it started to get involved in civil, architectural, environmental sanitation, and international projects. This growth led to the creation of new business units –road, real estate, and wine industry developments, among others- which, to achieve a better managerial synergy, led to the creation of GRUPO ELING S.A. in 2009. It is an investment company that keeps the shares of its affiliates in the fields of construction, energy, real estate, communications, and wine industry, among others.

The Grupo is fully integrated by national capitals with companies based in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain.