Tendido ElectricoIn Argentine Patagonia, thousands of people worked incessantly to execute several transcendental engineering projects for the energetic development of the country: the first one, finished in 2006, was Choele Choel Interconnection– Puerto Madryn- and Puerto Madryn Pico Truncado interconnection, finished in 2008.

Both projects consisted in over 900 kilometers of extra high voltage 500 kV lines, with the necessary transformer stations for energy supply at its source and destination points.

INTESAR set workshops and offices in Puerto Madryn, Dolavon, Diadema, Comodoro Rivadavia and Pico Truncado, and coordinated the works of different areas needed to satisfy the technical, material and human logistics needs. This development created over a thousand new posts. The logistics implemented to guarantee the adequate materials, equipments, mobility, communications and safety conditions for the people and the premises involved were a permanent challenge. With the execution of these works, the south of Patagonia consolidates as a vital part of the Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (Argentine National Electric Power System).