Tendido Electrico

INTESAR, participates as subcontractor of Teyma – Abengoa in the execution of the northern sub-phase of the south phase in the Comahue – Cuyo interconnection project, partial execution of the full project that entails an extra high voltage line of 500 kV of 706 km that will connect the Gran Mendoza transformer station with the one of Agua del Cajón, the latter located nearby the city of Neuquén and an intermediary transformer station of Río Diamante of 500/220 kV located nearby Los Reyunos dam.

 The tasks assigned to INTESAR include the execution of an extra high voltage line of 500 kV of about 354 km extending from the new Río Diamante transformer station up to the borders of Colorado river, project at present being almost fully developed in the province of Mendoza.

 This project represents a challenge in terms of its logistics since the largest part of the wiring takes place in inhospitable areas with a mountainous chain in its topography, characterized by difficult accesses and extreme weather conditions.