NuclearAtucha II is a nuclear-electric power station with a capacity of 745 MW that will supply a net 692 MW to the national interconnected system. It will be part of the Argentine nuclear electric power generation system, along with Atucha I (357 MWe) and Embalse (648 MWe).

It is located on the right border of the Paraná river, in Lima, Zárate, 115 km from the city of Buenos Aires. Its proximity to Atucha I enables it to profit from large part of its infrastructure.

We provide human resources, equipment, tooling and supply services to this project to support the basic tasks in the main mounting processes in charge of Essener Hochdruck Rohrleitungsbau Gmbh (EHR).

Currently, Eling Energía S.A., responsible of the technical assembly of pipelines and equipments for the primary coolant system, the surgeline moderator system and main steam lines, participates in the final review and commissioning of those systems.

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